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परमपूज्य संत शिरोमणी वैष्णव कुलभूषण
अनन्त श्री विभूषित ब्रह्मपीठाधीष्वर काठिया
परिवाराचार्य खोजी श्री द्वाराचार्य 
श्री श्री 1008 श्री नारायण दास जी महाराज
त्रिवेणी धाम (शाहपुरा) डाकोर (गुजरात)
gau maanBhagavat Geeta describes how Lord Krishna cared for the cows and calves every morning, by taking them to graze on the Govardhana hill. We should also try to serve the cows with similar attitude - by providing means for their food, shelter and medication. Our mission is to care for stray, abandoned cows, bulls, retired oxen, and orphaned calves. We provide them hay, flour, fresh grass, clean water, medical attention and a place where they can recuperate from injuries and stay peacefully.


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Bheruji Maharaj Gaushala

Rs. 100 or More

Any Amount 100.00 or more

Rs. 1100

One Gaumata Seva

Rs. 2100
- Only

Green Grass Seva

Rs. 5100
- Only

Baant and Gud Seva

Rs. 11000

One Gaumata Seva

Rs. 31000

One Truck of dry grass(small)

Rs. 51000

One Truck Of Dry Grass(Big)

Rs. 51000

Five Gaumata Seva

Rs. 111111

Eleven Gaumata Seva

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What People Say...

  • Sneha Sharma , C0-Founder (pionu)
    May 8, 2003

    The gaushalla is very clean and all the cows are kept very well.. i was amazed to see that...

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  • Raj Sharma, Founder (rotiz)
    Apr 18, 2000

    This was the first time i visited a gaushala and i was amazed to see how it was managed and it changed my point of view ....

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