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Increasing of cows is going on in five Gaushala, Ramdev Goshala Bagru, Narayan Dham Goshala Bagru, Go Dham Goshala Kishangarh, Ratnawali (Anand Dham) Goshala Phagi, Shriram Goshala Bagru etc.The work of increasing 8000 to 10000 cows by the improved Indian native breeding bulls is done in every year through these Goshala.The meaning of Gosamvardhan (increasing cows) is considered to get calf form good breeding cows throughout India. But our Goshala is the place where the second step of increasing cows (Go Samvardhan is going on. Second step means after collecting the weak, old, sick, lean and thin, bulls and calves are being served like father in these Goshala.

It is obvious that as long as the cows come in openly, there will be no consequence of the first stages of cow increasing. Because we can get more improved breeding cows by the good breeding bulls while the stray descendants of cows will increase in a large number. Then we can’t reach to our destination of saving cows from going to slaughter house, banning on killing cows and satisfying them from their hunger and thirst. The record of diet, standard of living, physical development, habits, milk, conception of cows and their parents and grand parents is mentioned.