Indian Cow and a Jersey : Differences

Indian Cow and a Jersey : Differences

Differences can be split into different types

Physical appearance

Indian cow have hump/dewlap. Except dewlap, an Indian cow can reach any part of its body with tail and tongue. Jersy doesnt have dewlap/hump and not flexible enough.
Indian cow has loose skin. Can get rid of flies by shaking particular portion of skin. Neither humans nor Jersy can do it.
Both above points make Indian cows more disease resistant

Different species:

Two different species cannot have equal quantity and quality of enzymes in its milk.
Indian cow is from Bos Indicus family
Jersy is from Bos Taurus family

Energy absorbtion :

Sun is the critical energy source for all living organisms. Its maximum near equator where we see densely populated human areas compared to rest of regions far from equator.
Indian cows/African cows has the capacity to absorb this sun energy through hump (Suryaketi nadi) and pass it to its milk, urine, dung Jersy prefers to stay away from sun


Humans can survive only on milk and water as long possible for white collar job professionals provided they overcome mental carving of other food. It provides complete nutrition (proteins/fats/carbohydrates/macro and micro minerals). There are living examples. A2 protein is one of the many differences With jersy cow milk, its not possible as it has some limitation described above.

Medicinal Ghee :

Indian cow ghee prepared in traditional manner works wonders in human health. One of the popular ones is Nasal drops Jersy Ghee. I am yet to hear its medicinal value.